FRAME – Issue #154

od Frame Publishers BV

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Interior design and architecture magazine exploring what's next in spatial design. Established in 1997 that focuses largely on corporate, public and retail spaces.

This bimonthly magazine is filled with inspiring projects and stunning photography from all sectors of the international interiors industry. Since 1997, Frame has remained faithful to its vision: putting interior design on the map as a creative profession that’s on a par with product design and architecture.

In this issue:

Issue 154 – Winter 2023 Exploring everything from people-powered housing and user-generated retail to shared wellness and public-facing workspaces: FRAME’s winter issue charts the ‘co’ era. Here, we outline what to expect inside.

All Together Now

Welcome to the ‘co’ era. Are you in?

Get up to speed with the latest community-centric product releases, from a system that supports the ageing population working from home to solar panels that turn existing infrastructure into social meeting spots.

Meet four ambitious studios that are championing new co-design methods. Find out how waste can be reconsidered collectively and circularly, what co-creation could mean for neighbourhood regeneration, why design should encourage encounters between people and planet, and more.

Garner insights into how offices are spatially supporting the greater public, how brands are rallying co-creative retail communities, and how education interiors can support the Deaf community.

Learn from global industry leaders how to democratize decision-making to develop more socially cohesive living environments.

Uncover how spatial design can contribute to cultivating a strong sense of community – whether among consumers, neighbours or employees.

Be visually and conceptually inspired by inclusivity-driven creative concepts from other disciplines.

Pick up on the potential of additive manufacturing and participatory design for the social and environmentally sustainable revitalization of vernacular dwellings.


Osobný odber – Delikatesu ti pripravíme k vyzdvihnutiu u nás v Brote v priebehu 24 hodín. Otváracie hodiny: Pon - Pia 11-19, Sob 10-16

Kuriér – Ak zvolíš tento tip doručenia, delikatesu vychystáme najneskôr do 48 hodín a odošleme kuriérom.

Nástroje, ktoré ti pomôžu rozkvitať

Ako je chlieb základnou potravinou, knihy sú pre nás základom vedomostí.

My prinášame také, ktoré ti umožnia zdravo rásť, objavovať a tvoriť.

Kurátorský výber

Knihy, magazíny, stationery. Medzinárodné. Domáce. Oceňované. Nepoznané. Novinky. Aj vykopávky.

Všetky poctivo vyberáme. O každej vieme viac ako len autor a názov.

Zahraničné tituly

Prinášame kvalitné kúsky od overených vydavateľstiev a autorov zo zahraničia.

Či si fanúšikom Penguin Books, Gestalten alebo School of Life u nás si prídeš na svoje.